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Vulgar Necrolatry

This song is by Abhorrence and appears on the album Vulgar Necrolatry (1990).

Erosion of life I see
It makes the passion burn in me
Life it always withers away
Death will eternally stay

Corpses in their coffins
Forever rest in peace?
There sleeping with the aspergillus
Is this justice to the dead?

The atracious site, of a burial ceremony
Christians weeping, for the departed
They don't understand, they should envy them!

The deceased they know, is there a Paradise?
Or shall we feel, the Purgatory!
I open the graves, admire the Rot
I can feel the presence of something from beyond

Aureaola of nauseating reek
Wings of shriveled skin
Holy beauty of carcass
Divine sight for me to gaze upon!

Necrolatric, reverence for putrefaction
Necrolatric, reverence for the stench

I kneel, before a carrion
I pray, before the dead
I know, they shall rise
I fear, for the scourge
I revere, power of the dead

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