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Sacrificial Offerings

This song is by Abhorrence and appears on the album Evoking The Abomination (2001).

Mighty seal, hatred signs
Bloody rite through wings of night
Blade descends evil wrath
Reaping flesh on the sacrilege
Releasing spells in ancient tongues
Behold as I kill and desecrate
Blasphemies evoking Lucifer
To proclaims christian's havoc

Spilling blood in offerings
Upon the symbol of the serpent sphere
Bringing slaughter to the weaks
Revelations of the occult prophecies
Abominations upon the church
Praise the lord, invert the cross
The lava erupts below
Rise Satan! Master of evil enthroned

Chant in just I evoke
Abominations of the evil gods
Sarcificial offerings
Behold as I share my own blood

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