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​Wallowing In Utter Chaos

This song is by Abhorred and appears on the album Wallowing In Utter Chaos (2005).

Once I've failed to reach
E standards I've set for myself
Outstretched hands for the bar but it's too high
A falling out with a world I no longer see
A cryptic warning that its time to recreate myself
This crown of thorns in my side must be torn out
Extract myself from a world that left me for dead
Moving from the time full of lies and self doubt
I'm screaming through gritted teeth for a rebirth
A new outlook on death, new leash on life
There's no doubt in my mind
My dreams are all false hopes
Slide into oblivion
Screaming to retain my sanity
Wallowing in utter chaos
Disinter me
Then dissect me
Ressurect me
Retreading the past
A gallows of worthlessness
Always the scapegoat
Never to blame
Wallowing in utter chaos