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Collective Strangulation

This song is by Abhorred and appears on the album Wallowing In Utter Chaos (2005).

Run rampant under darkened skies
Night will hide your open wounds
Impose your will on the unsuspecting
Stench of death overwhelems
Incinerate, Redeem
Take vengeance in your hands
Suffer the fools blinded by lust
Tear out her heart, and forcefeed her
Show them all what it is to fear
Speak my name no more
Cease to breathe
Collective Strangulation
Hanging and burning from rafters above
No longer the victim, now I perpetrate
No longer the victim of their "victimless" crime
Collective strangulation, vengeance is mine
Into the crossfire genocide
Watch life's blood flow from your veins
Refuse to roll over and die
Resort to all out attack...

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