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Wandering Stone

This song is by Abhor and appears on the album In Nostrum Maleficium (2007).

Megalitics Altars,
Surrounded by ancient forces.
Rediscover your essence,
Magician master.

I am the wanderer
That explores your soul
And I am the stone
On the seabed.

I feel the strength increase,
In an universal explosion.
The morality of the actual age
Has abandoned me.

I am the wanderer that swims in your blood
And I am the stone that has stoned
Thousand martyrs.

I'm possessed by a primordial hunger.
I follow the dogmas of an ancient will,
Help me Old Man.

I am the wanderer
That is lost in the void
And I am the stone
That will become avalanche.

I am the wonder
That enchants your mind,
The fire that melt your ice,
The water that purify you
And the wind that makes you fly

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