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Rivers Of Incense

This song is by Abhor and appears on the album Vehementia (2005).

Along the Magic Way of the knowledge
Human beings like scorch sleep
Black crystals in my blood flow
Lost hate through toss of belch
The moon lead me where I don't see
Words carry from a clipping wind
The my secret is inaccessible
Stone thrown in open sea
The heat of the candle, red flame
Icy my soul, antiseptic
Sound - pain, slopping calyx
Lukewarm blood, reflection and agony
A big dark room inside
Breathing the dust of the past
Rivers of incense relaxants
Atmospheric occult art
Old wise man that sell lifes
Young cripples that buy dignity
Water bathed by rain of fire
The moon could blind you
Thieves of souls gallivant light
Actors recite the own drama
Suicidal animals for thirst of instinct
Chorus of Salomonic Heresy

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