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Revelation Of The Call

This song is by Abhor and appears on the album Nequaquam Vacuum: Beginning Of The Great Opera (2000).

Why do you have come here. I didn' t know where go, I was cold, You have heated me, I was hungry, you have eated me, I was afraid, now I doesn't have some. This is my kingdom, now it is also your. I am your debtor, ask that than you want. I wan' t your life, I desire your soul.
He obtained it, He was to his service. Now I feel better, What can I do for you?
Evil, the death, kills for me.
So for him began a new, obscure era. For Him I' ll do it, always and in each place. For Him I'll do it with all my forces. Knights, Demons, sons of the night, follow me

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