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Plague Of Necromancer

This song is by Abhor and appears on the album In Nostrum Maleficium (2007).

The hell is overflowing of hate.
Horrible creatures inhabitants of the afterlife,
They wander in this reality.
The plague of the Necromancer,
The Evil is out of control.
Corps possessed by bestial legions.
The flesh lodge the Chaos.
As an alchemic transmutation,
Earth is by now a living cemetery.
Join us, deadly weak,
This is the beginning of the resurrection.
Orphan of a sleeping god,
Abandoned by a cowardly master.
The light of the sun is darkened by the blood,
Putrefaction reigns in the temple of god.
Sons of Satan hungry of human fear.
Empathic rivers that leads to the madness,
Suicidial mediums devoured by voracious larvas.
Zombi, zombi, plague of the Necromancer

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