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Monarch Of Lie

This song is by Abhor and appears on the album Vehementia (2005).

Can you hear the roar and the violence of the sky?
Fire and earth feeding
The uneasiness of the celestial god,
The wind raises the flames,
Fills the earth with rain
In a unique cosmic prophecy
The circle is open,
The portal of the unknown cheers my will
The ropes of the Abyss are straining on high
The son of fire commands the elements
The monarch of lie Spies from the erebus,
As he spies from other places...
I, the monarch of the dark soul
Ignis et acqua in mea manu
Involutum terra et aera
Monarch of lie, lord of untruth,
Don't believe in what I show you
Just illusions all around. Creation is not that
I am the forefather of fate. I, the monarch of lie

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