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Evocative Prayer To Lilith

This song is by Abhor and appears on the album Vehementia (2005).

Oh Lilith, Queen of the Darkness,
You that gave the life to the monsters and terrestrial dragons,
You that favor the negromantis
You, Black Moon, You internal Moon
You go down between us as a black cloud,
Ploughs the sky as wandering black star
You wrap this place with your wings of vampire
Oh Black Eclipse
Show to us the bloody shades
Of the ghosts in your power
And the celestial demons
Wandering in the obscurity of the Chaos
Oh bride of Satan,
We mark our abdomen
With the sign of cross moons
Oh angel of the night
We pronounce your name
What it contains the spell
That will make to shine your Black Light
In the sky without Moon and without stars
Oh Black Fairy,
Guide up to us the lunar vampires
Oh Black Mother,
Bathes with the cold lifeblood of the sky
The Warm blood vapors of the earth
In the point of Celestial Death

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