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Endless Cosciential Journey

This song is by Abhor and appears on the album I.gne N.atura R.enovatur I.ntegra (2000).

For You are scarlet the skies in front of this truth wich I could believe only like free angel
To You the sufferings of shrill words, the truth suffered in a time of dark situation among distant luminaries and distant marvels
My mind fight a battle already marked, already astablished for as aware, of my thoughts the defeat by me will come Like blow of wind, like water of brook, slow and silent but with great force
I have lit candles, tearing candles and from the weak light I confine myself in the agitation
I haven' t solution, I haven' t guilt, a help I look for and which will be my peace? Succumb in the inside pain is the most atrocious of the torments, like a beast in cage for want of others And then what do you do? Magic, propitiatory Magic, to You I entrust my destiny, to You thankful I will be In this frozen night in this deceptive time my learning to You will arrive at, among the smoke of this brazier among the substance of this Calyx, like endless cosciential journey
Difficult will be my want, circuitos the way to cross, but the fate will decide and it there is not bigger truth to research if not finding it in thoughts, in own thoughts by now disturbed, in a time by now unremembered

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