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By His Hands Through Me

This song is by Abhor and appears on the album In Nostrum Maleficium (2007).

Through me He live
His blood is inside me
I am more than His child
I am himself now.

He sees through me
He speaks through me
He acts through me
By His hands hands, through me

The meat doesn't hold back
The violence of the sin
The menbras be torn
Like howling mouths

That vomit heresies
Howling for the sufferings
That invokes revenge
And the usurped Kingdom.

A Legion of Demons
Resides in my miserable body
Through me they will open
The gates of His dominion.

I am His terrestrial medium
I lodge His children inside me
Nourishes themselves with my hate
Burns my burnt flesh.

Ego, Occultae Virium emissarium, me immolo pro Tua Filia Legione, oh magnus Magister Obscurus, vive in me! Ego sum Tues manus in terra! Tua voluntas erit mei sacrificii fructus!

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