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La Musica Continua

This song is by Abhinanda.

Set free your restrained passion, join us to shout out loud

Emotions set in motion in a unison vital scream

Strike another chord for me, spoil me with a rhyme

Please inspire me with your songs and I will try with mine...

We will laugh, we will scream, we will live today...

We will prove that the youth hasn't gone astray!

We will sing, we will jump, we will dance tonight...

We will show you all!

Set free your restrained feelings, join us to sing this (a) song

Let your climactic verse explode in an unforgettable hook

A reverberating chorus that will (forever) echo in our heads!

A reverberating refrain, the world's greatest sing along!

But when the music lost expression

Bur when the lyrics lost their feeling

But when a song just lost the power

But when the words are uninspired

Our lives lack of emotions!

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