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Slaves Of Time

This song is by Abhema and appears on the demo 4 tks Demo - 2004 (2004).

Bastard time you don't wait us
You are unforseeable with your cursed hands
Seconds, minutes elapse without care
Meanwhile someone's dying because his time is come.

Harried n'restless is our life

Everyday we' re take a look at the watch
With clenched teeth to carry out your demand.
You run undefatigably, separating the light from the dark
Driving our life into oblivion.

Harried n'restless is our life

Hands that click, moment that spend neverending
Without give us moments to breathe
Fuckin'time each your second is a demand
And we are becoming your slaves
The only power who we can't rebel and
That forced us conditional on your will.

You impose us this impossible time
Hoping to live tomorrow with tranquillity

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