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The Luminous Cutter Flies

This song is by Aberdien.

Jumbled bleached ties crumble peelings of dreams at the gate
Forced out, I'm begging strangers to let me starve on the sound of my love
The gulls fake their cries; false remissions from feeling decay
Drawn out, we're betting death's speed won't carve its mark in the scope of silence

It's not what we wanted but all that we needed to stall at the line
Pacing when spinning wolds collide

Because I'm blind from absolution
(Looked at life with eager eyes)
I've fallen through the floor and see that the chase is enough
Cause as we step through those gates and run past the guards
Everything imaginable procreates at the sight of truth

Why repose instead of trying?
Now I've let go
The luminous cutter flies; transfixed on enervating the vitality of inertia
I can count on its light for beating steadily

It's not what we thought but its coming in even though we left the line
Pacing as spinning worlds align

And when we step through the gates and run past the guards
Everything imaginable will unfold

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