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Blossomed Gates

This song is by Abeey Williams.

I've blossomed beautifully, while you've only grown into yourself, your bud is full, full of all the ugliness, all of the evil, lies and secrets. They have consumed you, you'll fall apart soon. I'd like to say I'd be there to pick up the pieces, but you pushed me too far away.

I grew apart from you, alone and strong, I am a stronger, prettier more beautiful flower than you will ever be, I am a different texture, strength and quality. I grew up only depending on me, waiting for my chance to blossom.

You had already blossomed and died before I got my chance.

But you wasted your time trying to pull down others so the light would only shine on you!

Now you spend your time glaring across the line you made between the two trees in which we have blossomed, watching all the petals unfold and all the beauty unfold, you only wish you could be like me

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