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Cold Smoke

This song is by Abed and appears on the album The Coming Of Soon - EP (2006).

In privacy I gaze until the bitter 9th phase
Shade the window dear
The light's still reaching here

Unhappiness you ask - unhappines you'll find
Again you failed to read between my lines

Discontent and carnal vitality are combined
Beckoning as shivers downwards my dead spine

Your loyality tormenting me
The more I suffer - you quench more
This effigy of silence
Is the treason I adore

A prisoner of my sarcous tomb
Sentenced to a so called life
Behind a haze grown colder
Is this the role you sought as wife?
A burden on your fragile shoulders

Until the moment of departure
The end of the pathetic joke
In sickness and in health
Please leave me be
And bury me in smoke

Cold smoke

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