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​The Sickness Unto Death

This song is by Abdullah and appears on the album Snake Lore - EP (1999).

Outside this life a light appears
A chill I 've felt throughout these years
My dreams have brought it back to me
This image only I can see
This coldness burns me from within
Awake in a dream
So lost in sleep
How have I passed through these walls blind?
A sorrow creeps into my mind
Lying awake with my eyes shut
These walls will tremble from its touch

As I escape inside
The rift grows wide
It follows me inside
Beneath this life
I can see no light deep in this broken sky
I can see no light so far in this broken night

Oh this spirit visits me
Slips in my dreams at night
A sorrow creeps into my life
Awaken by cold hands
Their fingers around my neck
I'll hide away from time
Asleep I 'm so cold