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Raining Brains

This song is by Abductors and appears on the album Necroterrestrial (2000).

Extraction of brain cells sucked out telepathically
As slowly we inflict upon you our lobotomy
There's no pain to be felt cause' we do it while you sleep
But when you awake your flesh begins to creep

Suck the rotten cell from your mind... suck them
Watch the bloody brains hit the ground... splatter
Military brains come a dime... a dozen
Soldiers of fortune come home... in a body bag (of brains)

Your clairvoyance may deceive you and make you feel safe
But precognition has a limited range
A bilateral trepinition is all it will take
Before your mind is ours to keep

Raining brains, raining brains
Raining brains, rains cause' of reigning brains

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