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The First World Invasion

This song is by Abducted Child and appears on the album The First World Invasion (2010).

The day has come, the day that everyone
Have waited for and somebody feels so scared
The sky's full of power, the earth only dies
Their mind want to kill us, we will have a revenge

They came to invade us
They want to take our world
At the gates of the invasion
They show us all their power
They came to invade us
This is the war of worlds
When the first world invasion
Have it's time we will die

We are so impotent, we are so weak
Our ignorance will be the sentence of the world

It's the time for the invasion
When we'll know all the truth
It's the glory of the intruders
The disgrace of the weak
The new world of the gods
Is dead for everyone
All suffer in this time
When we'll lose all this life