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Visons Of Eternal Winter

This song is by Abdicate.

And as he awoke, a stranger before him,
Cast a shadow about the cave,
The shadow cast was my own,
And as he observed he began to shiver

You must step forth, into the light,
So I can give you a little insight

Why am I here what's going on? What am
I breaking down? You stand alone, among
As one. What is going on? why am I on the ground,
Where is the city's pond?

I am no apparition, but I know your position

Lost in a cave with a stranger
Tell me why, tell me why, Now!
The sulfur has overcome us
Telling lies, telling lies, why?
Not lies, not half truths, no fallacies

This is becoming somniferous

You don't have a choice just listen
I can't, I won't, No!
If you don't then you will perish
Alright, alright, So!
Mother earth is now in ruin
Torn apart, desolate, Why?

As I revealed the truth, he shuddered,
Pain, fear, loss, emotions rushing like waterfalls
Converging to a bed of discomfort
In knowing the red, crimson canvas,
I'd shown was a portrait of our sky
Perpetuated by our gluttony. A catastrophe
To suit our imperialist nature

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