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This song is by Abdi/Homemade.

I waited for you everyday after class
Except the day we broke up
You dumped me infront of my friends
For my bestfriend
That was harsh
It was really harsh

I was in pain
Oh how I was in pain
You left me
You left me
For my bestfriend waine
Now I can't look at you
Everytime I see you
It makes me want to puke
Right infront of you

I want to be on my own
I want to be all alone
Don't want you
Don't need you

My friends warned
Me that you would do me some harm
You did, I regret for not listening to them
But I was a fool
In love
With a bitch like you

I hope you hear this song
I hope you enjoy it
All this words are for you
Maybe if you weren't a
I could have wrote a love song

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