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This song is by Abbreviated. Life. Expectancy..

What is it about Refridgerators?
I mean really, what makes them so special?
I just don't get it.
Refridgerators are places of honor.
That's right, places of honor.
Whenever I got a really good grade on a spelling test
Up on the Refridgerator it would go.
And to this very day, any achievements that I accomplish
Are stuck up on the fridge with pizza hut magnets.

I bet if I ever won a Nobel Prize, it would end up on the fridge.
I also noticed that as soon as somebody else does something good
It replaces the last accomplishment that was on the fridge.
Then the accomplishment that was previously on the fridge is lost forever.
And it's not just my home either.
I've seen this sort of activity going on in everybody's homes.
What's so special about them anyway?
I mean, the Maytag man gets mocked on television all the time
For being the lonely guy with the appliances.
I think he's actually a pretty nice guy.
And I'll be he can play the game of chess better than any of us.

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