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Pepe's Not Happy

This song is by Abbreviated. Life. Expectancy..

Alright, here's a song called
(Pepe's not happy)
Pepe's Not Happy.
(No he's not!)
Shut up Pepe...

(Song begins)

Imagine all the people
Imagine there's no war
Imagine flowers and dolphins
Imagine nothing more

Imagine 20 cement trucks
Filled with candy for the kids
Imagine sunshine every day
And garbage cans with lids

Imagine fresh fruit
And a clean mountain breeze in the air
Imagine grandpa in the home
And wishing his wife had some hair

Imagine a walk along a beach
Barefoot on the sand
Imagine she'd be there for you
If it wasn't for the other man

Then pretend that you would change it
Change it if you could
But your luck is pretty crappy
And the outlook isn't good...

Imagine no one stole
And everybody gave
Imagine you weren't bound
To that wheelchair like a slave

Imagine if uncle Billy
Still had the legs he lost in "nam"
Yeah it would be nice to imagine them
If they weren't fucking gone

Some people say that I'm just dreaming
That I can't face the facts
But I drank too much whiskey
And it made me happy with this crap...