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Kentucky Jones (Part 2)

This song is by Abbreviated. Life. Expectancy..

Announcers: Scene 2... Kentucky Jones meets the Kid's father.

Kid: Kentucky Jones... meet my father...

Kid's Father: Oh! So you are the one they call Kentucky Jones.

Kentucky: Yes I...

Kid's Father: Ah. My son has brought you here for something special!

Kentucky: Yeah, but I uh...

Kid's Father: And you are seeking THE LOST BARK!

Kentucky: Yeah! My god... how did you know!?

Kid's Father: I read the script you imbecile! Anyway, the bark you seek is in an evil place. Far, far away...

Kentucky: Well... out with it old man!

Kid's Father: It's in the Heimlech Manure Mountains of Germany.

Kentucky: Nazi's. I HATE Nazi's!

Kid's Father: Here is a map and a prane ticket. Bring the bark back to me once you find it. It's for a very good purpose!

Kentucky: Ok, but I wa...

Kid's Father: GO!

Announcer: End of Scene 2. Stay tuned to see if he has trouble with jet lag...