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I Stopped Smoking, Now Give Me Back My Soul

This song is by Abbreviated. Life. Expectancy..

I don't smoke anymore
I want my soul back
Damn the flaming, red-ass devil
I want my soul back

My soul for one stinking, little cigarette
If that's not a rip off, what is?
And now that I don't smoke
That bastard's got my soul
This certainly is just no good

I think I'll go to hell
And beat his fiery ass
I want my stupid soul
If I don't get it, he'll get a smack
I want my soul
Forget those cigarettes
All they do is kill you anyway

Let's face it, I'm screwed
My soul is gone for good
All for one stupid cigarette
I didn't smoke then
And I don't now
But either way I'll end up in hell

Well, I guess it doesn't matter. Once they found out that I killed Herbert that's where I would have gone anyway...