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Fast Forward Through This Song

This song is by Abbreviated. Life. Expectancy..

Rog: I am walking down the street
Andrew: Boy, I really want something to eat
Rog: Looking outside, the birds are calling
Andrew: Hey, man, what the hell rhymes with calling?
Rog: I am sitting on my weight bench
Andrew: I don;t even lift weights, why do I need a bench?
Rog: Look at the crabs, they're in that tank
Andrew: It's filled with water, it's looking pretty rank
Rog: The 80's were such a great, grand time
Andrew: The 90's suck, I want to kill myself, a lot of times
Rog: I am listening to this song
Andrew: I hate this song, I don't even want to sing along
Rog: The carpet feels great on my feet
Andrew: My feet feel great on the carpet, isn't that neat?
Rog: Look at that glass of Lipton tea
Andrew: I think it has lemon in it, boy, that's sweet
Rog: Hey, I can breathe the air
Andrew: Hhhh, ah, me too, wow, that's fair
Rog: Hey is this song gonna end?
Andrew: Sure, why not? I hope so. Blah, ah...
Both: Uh-ee-uh-ee-uh-ee-uh-ee-uh-ee-uh-ee-uh-ee-uh...