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Exhausted Talent

This song is by Abbreviated. Life. Expectancy..

Ooh ah, yeah ah, mmm ah, yeah, oh
Skidley dah dah dah
What a wonderful day, the suns out. It's like my heart's restored.
Yeah ooh, fff ooh
Look at the trees the leaves are on them, the birds are on them.
But I'm not on them.
See the leaves a fallin', Hear the birds a callin, my wife comes a ballin.
'Cause I can't come home.
Dah tsz tsz Skidley bee bop bop bah skoodloo skoo
Duh dah dah dah doo, dee dee dah doo
For I'm enjoying this beautiful day, whoa man here comes the wind.
I love the way my hair blows and sways
Keep off my grass, no trespassing.
It's against the law.
Skoo bee doo doo tza tza tza
Skidley bee bop bop bah
The animals are running through my yard.
Pick up that grass blade before I get angry.
Now the trees are caked in blood and I'm singin',
"Mother Nature, come back again, tomorrow..."