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Center Ex Home/Office Surge Supressor

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Hi! This is the story about The Center EX Home/Office Surge Supressor...

You know what I think of what I think of high-tech protection, I think of The Center EX Home/Office Surge Supressor. Your Center EX Surge Supressor is specifically designed to shield sensitive electronic equipment from the damaging, sometimes catastrophic power surges that occur hundreds of times each year! This unit features high performance Panasonic components with an energy disipation factor of up to 420 JOULES!

That's right, 420 joules! And it is capable of handling two KILLER power surges... Killer power surges... For one will disable conventional protection devices... Anyway, the 330 volt clamping voltages are at lowest (or best) rating from authorized laboratories incorporated. The Center EX delivers reliable protection for all three lines: Hot, Neutral, and Ground. It also contains built-in noise filtration plus an indicator light that goes out if the unit becomes non-operational. It is a SUPER VALUE!

Someone's mom yells "Come in and eat dinner now!"

"Awww man..."

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