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¿that Pretty Piñata?

This song is by Abbreviated. Life. Expectancy..

I love my Pretty Piñata

Look at it hanging there

Glistening in the sun

It looks so perfect

So flawless

So happy to be there

I bet this Piñata has not had one hardship

Not one bad thing happen to it

During it's entire existence

It's a pain virgin

It sits there smiling at me

It thinks everything is fine

Now I smile at the Piñata,

"I have a surprise for you!"

I pull out a huge stick from behind my back

And it still smiles at me

I hate you!

I hate you!

You stupid, happy Piñata!

Here, feel some pain!

There goes a leg!

Here's a stick in your eye!

There goes an arm!

How does it feel to have your head severed by a stick?

Look at all of your gandy guts spilling out of you

Which I plan to eat for dinner.

This is a good thing

I've given the Piñata a sense of reality.

As I walk away, I notice something

It's still smiling at me.

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