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Mercy Kiss

This song is by Abandoned Pools and appears on the album Humanistic (2001).

I'm outta sight around the moon
But I'll be back in time for you
I know it's strange but are you big enough?

Ok, you know this isn't right
I'm the bark that's to your bite
But I can't wait till you see the light

So I, I do it all for you
But I'm not asking for

You lead me on
I don't need your mercy kiss

I'm in and out of astral planes
The sliding doors I break the panes
I know it's strange so are you brave enough

Alright, like a quarterback I score
I'm the one they all adore
But I can't find what I'm looking for

So I... I do it all for you, but I'm not asking for...
So yeah, don't lead me on, I don't need your mercy kiss

I don't need your
I don't need it
I don't need your mercy kiss

Written by:

Tommy Walter

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