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Take It

This song is by Abandoned At Birth.

All I can dois ask why everyone is so happy
It wasn't for me WHY!
Time keeps sliping and I keep wishing why
Am I here this isn't for me why do you tease me
We get so close then you leave me hanging no one can touch this come on all the as I watch my blood drip take me this wasn't for me I didn't want life take it like you gave it

I get picked on and yelled at I will never be a lamb of god I rise above and fight back but it gets harder death was once a friend but now he can't be found I tried it whatever is harmful I test it but fuck it I'm going sooner or later!

Peremently depressed! legally insane! nothing to lose nothing to gain hate life to its fullest stare death in its eyes and say FUCK YOU! I needed you where were you ah take it take it I don't want it I don't want it I don't want it Ah take it!

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