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This song is by Abandoned At Birth.

There is just something about life that doesn't suit me
I will take it when I'm ready hold it steady don't miss
I took life and fucked it like the whore it is
Don't Judge me I'm gone if this is the end
I'm ready take it take it rape it fuck life Nothing starts till I end
Calm down and watch it go watch the world stand still is so depressing
But I sleep can't close my eyes but I don't fear death just let me it's over
Eternal light blacked at sight FUCK~!~

Every one wanted it like this
Including me
Fuck it I'm gone
It's over I win
When I'm gone
Life begains!

Life is optional and Death is manditory life doesn't exceed
A bullet slit wrists equals glory I close my eyes
And see the demons of hell
I'm losing it my life is a Nightmare let me end and let me die
Let me die let me die! the voices in my head tell me to take my life I agree say hello
This is my way to SUCCEED!

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