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Blinded By Vengence

This song is by Abandoned At Birth.

You where once here and now you're gone
Damned with Vengence I'm blinded by Excelence
No one no more my life shattered and my heart
Just walked out the door
Depressing anoyed once alive now bored thoughts of suicide strain thoughts
Everything I longed for crushed me
And walked out the door and you know yeah you know
I'm bacm with vengeance and still blinded by
Exelence it'll take with me wash away
Your blood together some Sinners a companyed by your
Freedom left out abandoned slaughtered and dead
Because I don't know where to go
Nothing special to show
All my love turned to hate
Blood has staind my hands
Is this the color of hate or love
I'm don't for
I'm done for
I am done for!
Where were you when you where needed now
I'll spend eternity to shallow in my own loser exsistance
Dead inside raw EXELENCE and blinded by

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