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Scylla & Charibdis

This song is by Abandon Hope.

Filing grace
This right - this just got it rolled

Be back on a scene - been back on a role
Stooped forward then and ripped out your own soul
Backlayed from delusion - haunted, restless ghost -
Sit on my face and then wait and watch it go!

Feel the climax - brought to a new extent!
Yeah we're going back in
Celebrity nudes - paparazzis' gold
We bring it to you
The latest shit' just been sold
Parameters go - parameters cease
Truth an decline -
Must certainly be one of these

No - yeah - no - not yet!
No - yeah - no - not yet!

The problem rests within ourselves
And how we cling to everythin' that sells
So satiated with a life without meaning
We search for the light in a darkening ceiling

Been crippled - been earth quaked - been alone without a home
Been tortured - been outraged - been in a needle in the hay
Been refuged - been fucked by - been a lot wiser now
Been murdered - been sacred - been tangled with the latest crap

When did you look at the sky at last?

Press is bought not to question authority
Tentacles weaving on a dead democrats' autopsy
You're loaded dice, rolled for mother justice
Caught between the Scylla and Charibdis

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