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One Tuesday Night

This song is by Abandin All Hope and appears on the album My Friends Are Dead (2007).

A night not sober
Taking a break
To show what you're made of
But it only takes one sip
To be taken in

A Tuesday night
Take to celebrate
Since it's a birthday bar night
I'm going hard to entertain
Taking in

A bathroom break
On the tile floor
And my head is on the toilet bowl
Then take
A shot, a little more
Mixing alcohol to the floor

Oh my
Have you ever heard about i
One Tuesday night

I'm drinking still
No intention to stop
I gotta put my all in
Not ditching early
Better not disappoint

I'm yelling hard
My fist in the air
Everybody is laughing
But as long as I did my job
I don't mind the aches

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