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Oh Well

This song is by Abandin All Hope and appears on the album An Excuse to Ramble (2007).

I let this pen affect my brain
Ooh it's ridiculous
I think I've gone insane

Right now it's the worst that I could do
Ooh and I'm dropping out
And when it counts
I do it all for you

When I'm told
(Don't blow your chances)
And I know
(That what I have is)
Something else I less

I'm getting old
(Must be mistaken)
'Cause I sold
(My motivation)
Something else that i

Let it be the last one for awhile
Ooh and I'm serious
And curious
If I fucked up my lifestyle

I hope it's worth it in the end
Ooh but only time will tell
I feel like hell
And I'm headed straight to bed

In the end
Oh well
Oh well
I guess I'll find out in the end
Oh well
Oh well
It's getting closer to the end
Oh well
Oh well
Oh well

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