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I'd Rather Be In Eve

This song is by Abandin All Hope and appears on the album My Friends Are Dead (2007).

Good morning Eve
I wait for you everyday
No point of waking, revealing
Dreams I'll never see

I've been away for too long now
My pride and my dried up memories
There's a place I'd rather be

As in my dreams I see a
Place I'd rather be

Good morning Eve
A dream just a day away
All but my vision, decision
And my life will stay

I've gotta take this for granted
My failures, they commonly exceed
There's a place I'd rather be

No plans
No goals
I've had my share
A bad display
Of choices made
Decisions wrong
Preparing for the long
Way down to figure
If this mistake proves bitter
I'm risking everything for one

Good morning Eve
Farewell to a dream gone bad
And now awakens a dream
It seems I'm falling

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