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A Vegan Ate My Breakfast

This song is by Abandin All Hope and appears on the album Hail Gingerale (2004).

Curiousity would I ever dare
Be a vegan when there's meat to spare

Oh do you feel it's your place
To get all in my face
'Cause I feed on the animal kind
Ya do you feel it's your place
I'll rub it in your face
That I feed on the animal kind

Oh what would you do
If we had the same attitude
Give us a chance
You're killing all the plants
So now we're fighting back

Plagued by irony
Doesn't seem right
But I can't control my appetite

Would it bother you
Would I come off as rude
If I said that the food
You eat's disgusting
Think I'm gunna puke

Welcome to my life
Where nothing is forever
And anyone can let it slide

Oh welcome to my life
Where everything's forgotten
But nothing will be cast aside

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