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This song is by Abacinate and appears on the album Ruination (2008).

I can sleaze my brain disease and smell the interfection
Smoke some shit, we'll talk some shit and maybe learn a lesson
Kill all the scum and all the pigs and crooked politicians
Grab all your guns and all of your sons we'll start this revolution now

Before it's too late, we must recuperate
Open all blind eyes, look forward to the end of life
The things we've seen, the things I know that you know
We can not be the only ones that know right know who's got to go

We bleed from inside, intestine pain spreading out
Crystals behind our eyes, thirsty for your glands
Should I sew this shut or leave it open?
Fluids mist the air spreading interfection
Infecting all we'll start this revolution

Ending all of time
The ones who don't believe me
We'll cast out from our lines
And they'll all die believing
The interfection makes the laws

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