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Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

This song is by Aaron Watson and appears on the album Angels & Outlaws (2008).

Hey honey so what we had a little fight
We both said some things that we didn't mean last night
Yeah we should of kissed and made up instead of giving up
And getting up on the wrong side of the bed

And lord knows that I'm an early riser
And with this new day he sent me a reminder
Just as sure as the sun keeps risin'
True love is true and it knows no compromisin

So what part of I love you don't you understand
Maybe you should take a wiff in that old big red coffee can
And if you still can't see you're the one and only one for me
And always will be heres a kiss and a cup
Sweetheart wake up and smell the coffee

Lookin' right here at the front page of this mornins paper
Just bad news and headlines of hatred and anger
This old cruel world they'll try to bring it to the ground
But I'll be danged if it's gonna keep on keepin' the good luck down

Honey ain't that just like a woman
Makin' somethin' out of nothin' at all
Then again ain't that just like a man
Acting bullet proof and ten foot tall

Heres a kiss and a cup
Sweetheart wake up
Heres a kiss and a cup
No I won't give up
Heres a kiss and a cup
Sweetheart wake up
And smell the coffee

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