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Love Makin' Song

This song is by Aaron Watson and appears on the album Angels & Outlaws (2008).

theres way too many lyin, stealin, cryin
cheatin fool hearted drinkin songs
about somebody who done somebody wrong
honey honky tonkin is what i do
but my true love is lovin on you
so baby tonight we gonna write a love makin song

we could kick it off slow with a bottle of wine
or get straight to the old punch line
either way it starts its gonna end
with an all night long
its guaranteed to be off the charts
solid gold number one in my heart
baby tonight we gonna write a love makin song

girl i get inspired by watchin you
the sweet things you say and do
and baby you got a few ideas of your own
well kiss for kiss and note for note
shut the door and lock the dead bolt
cause baby tonight we gonna write a love makin song

repeat chorus

repeat chorus

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