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The Best Love We Ever Made

This song is by Aaron Tippin and appears on the album People Like Us (2000).

The first time we went all the way
I can truly say it was way beyond my
wildest dreams
And I never can forget the day
We spent tangled up in satin sheets
And I never thought we'd top the time that
you and I
Oh, baby that was so sweet
Even though that was incredible not I know
The best was yet to be


The best love we ever made
Kept us up all night
And it's still growing every day
Right before our very eyes
And we're so amazed we could create
Such a priceless work of art
Oh, the best love we ever made
Is this precious child of ours

The first time our baby cried
I knew our lives were never gonna be the
In the heart of me, a part of me
Opened up a new kind of love I can't explain
Now all this time I thought
That I was living life for you and me alone
Oh, but holding this miracle
Now, I know that I was wrong

Repeat Chorus

Oh, the best love we ever made
Is this precious child of ours

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