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Let Me In

This song is by Aaron Sprinkle and appears on the album Bareface (2001) and on the compilation album Lackluster (2004).

On my own volition
I pound my head against the wall
And I don't hear it when you call
Tumbling down the stairway
I still try to make the phone
I call you back but your not home

Full of good intention
I read the paper to myself
I try to act like someone else
Barely past the headline
I still remember what you said
"I'll hold it in until I'm dead"

I best be getting on with this
But I can't get you out my head
Ten times a day when I stop to pray
I ask that you would let me in

Beading on the window
The weather underneath my eyes
Is it rain or am I crying
T.V. in the distance
Am I awake or still asleep
I feel a hand against my cheek

Like every time before
I'll sing a metaphor
To try to shed some light inside my mind
A lot of good that will do
I can't get inside of you
To take back the back the past and make things new


Written by:

Aaron Sprinkle

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