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All You Can Give

This song is by Aaron Sprinkle and appears on the album Bareface (2001) and on the compilation album Lackluster (2004).

Without a doubt I've taken all you can give
And now I suffer through this song
Feel free to hum along

Going back a few short years I can see
That I was never really here
As I collect the facts and sort them in rows
It seems the question's always been
How long can I keep this going?

You can use it against me
In your saddest state of mind
Use it against me
With my ego on the line
Use it against me anytime

I try to simplify the plot to an outline
But I can never make the end
I want to read some lines that stray from the screenplay
Improvisation's never been
Something I can keep going

I've never preached a single word
That doesn't sound a bit absurd
I don't know how to pound it in
To make it stick under my skin


Written by:

Aaron Sprinkle

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