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​Song Just For Tonight

This song is by Aaron McMullan.

Sunlight scares you, the sunlight will not hurt you,

Yeah, it hurts to hear you cry

I wish I was fit to ease you

The night will take me

No, the night will soothe you

The night will swell inside you

I won't leave you till you ask

No, I'll sit here by the bed, dear, with these photographs

And you

Well I just hope your dreams can touch you like I tried

Someone's holding you in memories

Much closer than I'll ever be

So yeah, some day soon I will leave

But not tonight

Somethin' hurt you, something got you bleeding

Yeah, but it's been healin for a year now

Maybe more

Just that sometimes I think maybe feelin' something

Well it sure beats feelin' nothing

So I'll go pickin' at the wounds

And then from some place, somewhere, sometime

I catch glimpses of promises

Promises I took for granted, and yeah, I miss them

And so I'm scared to let you in

Just like you're scared to push me out

It's gonna happen someday soon

But not tonight

Will you hold me? Just a second?

Yeah, I'll hold you

An I'm tryin' not to tell you how safe you make me feel

She fell asleep against my shoulder

Felt her dreamin'

And I tried to keep from cryin

Least I was done before she woke

And when she woke up, yeah she kissed me and took my hand

Said thank you

And I said nothing, but yeah I need her,

And yeah, I'm scared

'Cause she needs someone to depend upon

I'm dependent upon her

She needed me just then

But maybe not tonight