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Sketches In Broken C

This song is by Aaron McMullan.

These charcoal slipstreams hiss an' spit

Past dead-grass paths all piss an' shit

An the gangrene thoroughfare snarlin' wi' jealousy…

Oh bent back lamp-light, 'luminate

These cracklin' wounds by station-gate

Like the dawn scarrin' the night-time stretched ahead o' me

And nostalgia thick and potent and as pulsing TV radiance

And the concretes tauntin' cries

"Come on singer, fuck sakes, sing for us"

And a sketch predictably

Coiled around a broken C

Broken-glass bouquets lain over streets, catchin' reflections

Of the mornin' clutchin' gifts o' clarity

And in her smile

A momentary burst o' some sweet decadence

She takes my hand

She says the drunken day is waking

Take me someplace still in awe of twilight

Vagrant chorus lined up 'long the walls outside the chapel

Singin' "Which Side Are You On" an there's a hint of something glorious

Swellin' in the pauses 'tween the words

Set for piercing almost every ear that's listenin'

Yeah, the rest just sigh an keep on walkin'

Broadsheet prophecies! Some monstrous calamity!

I'm makin' notes, I'm writin' lines

Chockin' on fear an yeah, sometimes

The fear is crippling an' I'm trembling

I bite my tongue till everythin' is

Fragments of a narrative

A fiction, nothin' more

Grafton Street all raw wi' memory, we walk on wounds

And sit by cafes watchin summertime carve madmen from Cathedral stone

I love you and it cuts my tongue to say

But that's ok

My melancholy suits my haircut

Like the piss-burn suits the gutter steam

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