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Ode To Innocence

This song is by Aaron McMullan.

Somewhere 'neath these cardboard bindings

There's a room that's lined with notes

With photographs of cities that the camera's never seen

And there's a couple books I read to you

When night-time grants me dreams

Floor burned black wi' petrol blazes, scorched and cracking

Dead eyes gazin' out o' concrete

All things rise and fall

And here with you, and all the things once set me shakin'

Well, they're nothing much at all

I remember tasting you beside the water in the spring

I remember you sat listening

To a couple verses written

For to make sense of this screechin' hind my eyes

And yeah the clouds tore themselves free

O' that vast blue stretched endlessly

Those whispers bleeding overhead

And so we danced wi' heaven shakign

Twilight swelling, moonlight breaking

From the wounds winding like vipers in the sky

Let this be all I ever see

Let blindness swallow me, let time devour me

There's a message from some fella someplace just outside of where we've ended up

Or where we're stopping off

Talkin' bout voices they are currency, and his worth more than most

An yeah I kept his words for sometime I might need a line to make sense of a thought

A state o' mind that I been trailing

It's a G-flat exorcism, it's an off-key detuned cleansing, it's a farewell to the


I remember cell-door steel and red-raw lashes cross the wrists

And jacket-pockets fulla sedatives

And her voice as rowboat waitin'

Led me back across the Acheron

And held me by that furnace on the shore

And I recall apologies stacked up in threes, anticipating

Some new sorrow, some disgrace

Another four, five days a weepin'

'Tween the sheets an never sleepin'

Pleadin', "Help me, I can't do this any more"

And I don't do it any more

No, something heard me, something pitied me and cleansed me

There's a woman used to wander 'long the train tracks

Whispering to lovers long since lost to history, to memory

As distant as the faces she can't recognise in photographs

Still hanging down on strings across her chest

Times I see her in my dreams, cursing wildly at Prometheus

Says "Give me back my blindness, and my ignorance

An let my lost naivety crawl 'tween my legs an enter me

An let me taste my youth wi every breath

Let the night solidify till everything is concrete black

And I'll be eulogised in prose

And I'll be half-heard myth

And tale passed down as hymnal

And these tracks as blessed shrines

For all those eyes all grey with nothingness"

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