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In A Dream

This song is by Aaron McMullan.

In a dream I saw the summer bleeding azure cross the city

And the city bleeding sapphire o'er my shoulders,

Like those memories

All shimmering, all crystalline, and tied 'round broken branches

Held above the heads o' phantom children

Massed on either side o me

In a dream I saw the words all rise from well-thumbed cracklin' pages

Saw the words boilin' on sun-kissed stones

All shades of saddest poetry

I tasted every syllable o' those mournful, dawn-light verses

And I gathered them and swallowed them

And felt them swell inside o' me

She's all needle-eyed again and he's all slung cross line again

And somewheres 'tween the two, a song

They'll dance around that melody, they'll kiss in G and fuck in C

They'll fall, the song still skips along

In a dream I saw a cancer spittin' rabid over youth, I saw

A generation crucified 'neath

Middle Eastern skies, I saw

The dimming of the streetlights and the snarling of the rifles

And God and gods all lashed I saw

The guilt burn back their eyes, I saw

A consciousness all colours of the morning 'gainst the windows

And the rain all tippin' tappin' at the glass

My hands are pressed upon

A whisper as a slipstream, as a burst of August radiance

The blooming of those promises

I lay my dreams to rest upon

A circle all electric hiss, and tongues entwined and smoke-rings wisp

And weave and paint the pulsin' sky

A triangle, a trinity, a triptych points to you and me

And something else still undefined

As I wake I hear the slinkin' of a record someone's playin'

In the room beneath this room all strewn with

Fragments of the night before

I woke and I heard fusion, I heard Bitches Brew all oozin'

From the speakers stacked beside her

Three abreast upside the bathroom door

The day is tricklin' glorious across those skyways 'head of us

And somewhere to the left of us

A song worth singin' waits for us

A lyric speaks to none but us, and yes, on loan to all of us

A tune played in the key of us

On strings plucked someplace under us

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