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Go Fuck Yourself

This song is by Aaron McMullan.

With the dark hair,

With the red lines,

With the tattoo at the base of her spine

With the blue eyes following me

(Are they following me?)


By the DJ

And the room gets that bit smaller with each record that he plays

Until there's nothing but the rhythm an her smile

An' I say, "Maybe we could step outside a while?"

She says "Go fuck yourself, it's freezing,

It's five AM, I think my friends an I are leavin',

Cause the melodies are hurtin' my eyes,

There's a taxi parked across the road outside"

An so I'm standing

By the back wall

An they're playing something off of some Peel Session by The Fall

And there's nobody singing along

Cept for this girl, she's got a Misfits t-shirt on

And I watch her

And she sees me,

And by the time the record's changed she's brought her drink over beside me

Says "I like the way you dig the way I dance

If I was sober, mind, you wouldn't have a chance"

"But let's go fuck ourselves insane, dear

Fuck the music, we both know that's why we came here

And I, figure probably you

Well, you'll just have to do

Cause dawn's already creeping cross the puke across the street outside"

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